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Talkworks offer an innovative business consultancy service. Many companies bring in consultants to help them to solve problems, whilst some organisations attempt to do this with their own employees. Talkworks offer both a short-term response and a longer-term collaborative working relationship using a Mentoring approach. This methodology is designed to enable individuals and teams to acquire the skills, knowledge, confidence and ability to address future challenges once the intervention is finished.

At times it can be hard for companies to see where the problems are because they are too close to the situation. In some cases it may be that since something has always been done that way, that the problem is buried within processes, procedures and systems. Having an experienced consultant from outside the company look at things objectively can really help to highlight problem areas.

Talkworks will continue working with your company beyond the assessment stage to ensure that the changes required are embedded and sustained.

With many decades of leadership and management experience in the private, public & third sector’s, our consultants are sure to have the right blend of skills and experience that your company requires.