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People Development

Talkworks Training & Development Ltd provides transformational coaching and training programmes as well as management, business and interpersonal skills training.

Chinese Proverb

“If you want a harvest in one year, grow a crop.
If you want a harvest in ten years, grow trees.
If you want a harvest that will last a lifetime, grow people.”

Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards

Employees develop skill sets that allow them undertake a greater variety of work

Improved ability to implement and realise specific goals outlined in a company’s business plan

Increased ability to respond effectively to change


Our consultants will work with you to support & embed sustainable change


Our Mediators will sensitively work with you to help resolve your disputes

Team Building

We design impactful learning experiences to motivate & strengthen your teams

Training Solutions

Our interactive training solutions are sure to motivate & inspire your employees

Why Hire Talkworks?

When you hire Talkworks, you will be working with a Company founded on ethical values and beliefs. We are proud of our high standards of work, averaging over 98% satisfaction rates based upon our client feedback since 2013.

We take a friendly and collaborative approach to all that we do.

You’ll be glad that you involved us to help make your people more engaged, motivated, skilled and confident. It’s worth investing in us.


We believe in investing in your people by working with them, listening to their ideas and offering some of our own. Where necessary, we can up-skill and Mentor individuals and teams to ensure that changes are embedded. Our interventions continue to add value long after we have completed our work.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

We believe that all people are born equal. Given the right organisational culture and working environment, your employees’ great ideas can be nurtured and implemented. The best organisations ensure that every voice is heard – we will help you to achieve this aim.


Our experience, based up many decades of working with individuals, teams and organisations is that most people, given the right skills, resources and environment, will do a good job. We will develop your people to ensure that they are able to give their very best and add value to the organisation.


We believe that people give of their best when they are trusted and valued. It is then that they can be their best selves. We will work with you in an open, honest and professional manner. We work best with organisations which share our belief in the need for transparency and open communication.


Henry Ford said: “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.” ~ We will work with you to identify what is currently working well and ensure that this is firmly embedded. We will also look for areas which might be improved.

We believe that many of the best ideas are already there among your employees – we will help to bring out their best ideas and offer some of our own – if required.

Continuous Improvement

We reflect on all our work, and seek to learn and improve upon what we do guided by feedback. We are always seeking out fresh ways to approach our work, we are open-minded, adopting a growth mind-set. We enjoy what we do and we’re always on the lookout for evidence-based ‘what works’ interventions.

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