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An increasing number of individuals and organisations are recognising the benefits of mentoring, seeing it as a cost-effective means to develop staff, improve staff retention, increase employee engagement and to grow their businesses. Mentoring will save you money…

Mentoring benefits the individual by improving performance, increasing satisfaction with their role and developing self-awareness. Benefits for the mentor include developing transferable skills, the gratification of helping their mentee as well as organisational recognition.  

Employees, who feel valued within their organisation, tend to demonstrate a degree of loyalty and commitment above and beyond their pay-scale. Recent research found that:

  • Only 30% of people are fully engaged at work

  • Less than 50% wish to remain with their current employer

  • 68% feel unsupported

Organisations with high engagement levels outperform their low engagement counterparts in both the private and public sectors, and £26bn in added GDP could be realised from this wasted opportunity (BlessingWhite, 2012).

As the former Head of Coaching & Mentoring for the Welsh Government, Alex Clapson has many years of experience working with organisations large & small.

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